Book your escort with Bitcoin in Barcelona

Bitcoin is the first Cryptocurrency that was developed in 2009, and today it’s a revolutionary new form of payment with incredible technology that allows payments to be made in an anonymous, fast and secure way.

Bitcoin is software, a protocol, and a currency.

Cryptocurrencies can be the best friend for someone looking to hire one of our girls, due its immutable nature and relative privacy compared to bank transactions, credit cards, or payment processors such as PayPal. We refer to “relative” because users exchanging funds cannot see each other’s identities, which may provide some relief to those who worry about their personal information coming to light.

Currently, there are tens of thousands of businesses and companies of all sizes that already know the advantages of Bitcoin and accept it in their transactions, such as private jet companies, hotels, luxury car rentals, etc. And we are not left behind either! We like to innovate and adapt to new times while offering multiple forms of payment for maximum convenience to our customers.

You can easily buy bitcoins or other Cryptocurrencies on websites like,, and many more.

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